...helping men and women rebuild marriages affected by a wife's childhood sexual abuse.

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Audio Resources

Founder Bill Ronzheimer speaks around the country to provide support for couples affected by a wife’s childhood sexual abuse. We have included two of his presentations on our website for your reference. We invite you to use these audio presentations for your ministry needs. If you would like to have Bill speak at your organization, please complete the following request: Speaking Request

How to Speak and Listen as a Husband

The first audio presentation is from a men’s marriage communication seminar.

Finding New Patterns for Responding to Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

The next audio presentation is from a break-out session offered at the Men’s No Regrets Conference in February of 2016.

If your wife, sister, family member, or female friend is a victim/survivor of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), you have probably experienced the disruptive effects that CSA can have on relationships, especially marriage. Because of emotional distancing from their wives, husbands of CSA survivors often encounter a sense of rejection. They can become frustrated by the unpredictable behavior and emasculation that results from dysfunctional sexual relationships with their wives. Bill Ronzheimer is the husband of a CSA survivor, a researcher in the field of sexual abuse and marriage, and a pastor who has served both healthy and hurting families. Bill’s presentation explains the effects of CSA and explores healthy responses for husbands.

“It is my passion to support husbands whose wives are victims of childhood sexual abuse while they explore healthy patterns for responding to their wives and reconstructing their marriages.”            -Bill Ronzheimer