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How to Wait

“My wife was sexually abused as a child.” If you’ve made that statement, or if you could make that statement, then you have likely also asked numerous “when” questions. When will my wife get over her depression? When will she start trusting me? When will her nightmares stop? When will she not always feel like […]

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What led these men to their indecent behaviors?

On the heels of the recent #MeToo trend, an increasing number of accusations of childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment have been brought against Hollywood celebrities, news media personnel, and politicians. All of the accused, up to this point and to my knowledge, have been male. My wife recently asked, “What made these […]

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Can We Trust Psychology?

My wife and I recently conducted another weekend conference for Marriage Reconstruction Ministries that focused on the effects of childhood sexual abuse and how the survivor can be “Moving from a Shattered Past to a Strengthened Future.” During the two-day event, we offered some time for Q&A. One of the questions was, “Psychology seems founded […]

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