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Seasonal Triggers: Our Bodies Remember

Our bodies remember! If your wife is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, your awareness of seasonal triggers can be a first step towards extending compassion to your wife and alleviating your own frustration over her unexpected and seemingly unnatural responses. A survivor’s memory and the effects of her trauma can be triggered when any […]

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Coping with COVID-19 in a Marriage Affected by Sexual Abuse

During the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, many marriages are being challenged in new ways as “Stay at Home” orders are given to many states and localities. Constant togetherness is not always a good thing. Men and women in marriages affected by a spouse’s childhood sexual abuse can find it extra challenging in our new normal. These challenges […]

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Three Styles of Response When Your Wife is a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

What is it like for you as a husband whose wife was sexually abused as a child? Imagine that you and I are having coffee at a local café in your town (I wish that were possible). Given the vast and various effects of childhood sexual abuse, your situation might not warrant all of the […]

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An Insightful Response to a Survivor’s Loss

Grant recently told me of a loss that his wife had experienced. The lost item had significant financial value. Grant’s wife, Callie, is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Grant and Callie, not their real names, have both given me permission to share this incident that offers insights into wives who are survivors of childhood […]

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Seasonal Triggers:  Our Bodies Remember

My calendar says it is Spring. The view outside my window says otherwise; I live in a northern state. But spring is coming. Many trauma survivors – including survivors of childhood sexual abuse – are aware that spring is coming because of their body’s response to the meteorological conditions that come with spring. Our bodies […]

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