...helping men and women rebuild marriages affected by a wife's childhood sexual abuse.

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Bill and Pamela were speakers at a workshop we held at our church for the survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and for those desiring to learn how to help them.

  • It was refreshing to hear their story, honest and real.
  • They struggle(d) with the same things we had been dealing with.
  • Their heart is to really help people (like us).
  • Every one of the attendees said they had never been to anything like this before, even though many have been to different types of groups or programs.
  • As a survivor I felt safe around both Bill and Pamela, which is huge.
  • Their topics were extremely insightful and informative.
  • Bill was brutally honest about how this affects marriage as well as how much he himself had to learn.
  • They understand where these couples (or singles) are and don’t judge.
  • The neat thing was that every attending survivor felt comfortable enough to share their story, and for most it was the first time.We highly recommend both Bill and Pamela as speakers on Marriage Reconstruction.  They tell it like it is and are so real and honest about their story and struggle that attendees can be very comfortable engaging with them one on one or as a couple.  This is a rare find when couples are dealing with such a difficult and sensitive subject.

Dave & Cindy Nollmeyer, Clermont, Florida

(Names used with permission)

Dr. Bill and Pamela Ronzheimer offer a rare blend of clinical accuracy, personal experience, distinctly Christian perspective, and loving pastoral care as they address the complicated and painful topic of marriages impacted by childhood sexual abuse (CSA).  Their understandings are derived from their own experiences, a life-time of pastoring a church, Bill’s doctoral research, and their work with many couples healing from the consequences of CSA. Their presentation style is well-focused, insightful, validating, with times of humor, joy, and hope. Difficult, complex, and often painful concepts are described and explored in a vulnerable and personable manner.  They focus on increasing understanding, personal and relationship growth, and moving forward in truth and love. I look forward with anticipation to see the many ways Marriage Reconstruction Ministries will serve individuals, couples, and the church.

Daniel R. Green, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Author, Teacher, Speaker

Clinical Director, New Life Resources, Inc.

My wife and I have been friends with Bill and Pamela for over twenty years, but it wasn’t until last year when my wife revealed her childhood sexual abuse to me that I realized how close of a friend and confidant I had in Bill and the Marriage Reconstruction ministry.  Bill’s listening ear when I met one on one with him, his presentations, blogs and seminars made a significant impact on how I accepted the journey that I did not want nor ask for, but nevertheless was about to embark upon.  Statistics show that one in four women have been a victim of childhood abuse, I am thankful Bill was there to walk through this journey with me.  It is hard to say if my marriage would have survived without the Marriage Reconstruction ministry but I am happy to report our marriage did survive and is blossoming more than ever, thank you Bill and Pamela and Marriage Reconstruction Ministry.

Husband of a survivor

Bill and Pamela Ronzheimer make a powerful team for the goal of healing in marriages affected by childhood sexual abuse (CSA). With Bill’s deep understanding–through personal experience, doctoral research, pastoral counseling, and interviews–of the unique challenges of being a spouse of a sexual abuse survivor, and with Pamela’s willingness to describe her own journey walking the road of recovery from CSA, any marriage conference would benefit greatly from having them present.  Their presentations are far from depressing, though. Bill has a great sense of humor, and Pamela’s joy radiates when she speaks. About a quarter of all husbands are bearing the secret burden of being married to a woman affected by CSA, and Bill and Pamela are well-equipped to offer them hope and help along the way.

Rebecca Davis, author

Bill and Pamela Ronzheimer spoke at one of our conferences. Both of them spoke on the issue of marriage and did a great job. Their Marriage Reconstruction Ministry is vitally needed in our churches today.

My wife, Faith, and I started Speaking Truth In Love Ministries in 2007 to deal with the issue of childhood sexual abuse. A mutual pastor and friend introduced us to Bill and Pamela earlier this year and we are looking forward to ministering again with them soon.

Dale Ingraham

Author & Executive Director

Speaking the Truth in Love Ministries

December 15, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to inform you of the ministry Marriage Reconstruction Ministries and its founder Bill Ronzheimer. Our church asked MRM to come to our church. They spoke in our worship service and at an afternoon seminar. The content of the presentations was helpful and appreciated by our people (some of which were abuse survivors).

After having them with us several of our people asked how to have MRM do more as they were impacted powerfully by the presentations. I was amazed at how many of our church people had been directly or indirectly impacted by childhood sexual abuse. This is a matter that the church does not discuss often and needs to be. According to numbers that MRM presented we could have 25% of our churches directly affected by abuse and many of them are married to a spouse that is trying to understand their spouse and can’t! We have an epidemic that needs addressed!

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, Bill Ronzheimer addresses the issues associated with marriages that have experienced childhood abuse. He does this in a way that is relatable, vulnerable, and empowering! Invite Marriage Reconstruction Ministries to speak and watch what God will do!

If you have additional questions concerning my experience with MRM, please feel free to contact me.


Kenneth L White, Pastor

Faith Bible Alliance Church

Neosho, WI