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I am excited to announce the release of my new book Help, My Wife is a Survivor of Sexual Abuse: Answers to Your Most Important Questions. As of September 23, 2019, we are happy to offer this resource on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.

It is my prayer that the information, insights, and recommendations in this book will lead to transformed lives and marriages of husbands and survivors.

Downloadable Study Guide

As an added resource to the book, we have also included an Extended Question Guide. I have designed the guide to build off of the questions presented at the end of each chapter. In my personal experience, nothing has taught me more about myself, my wife, and God than this journey toward personal and marital health. The questions in this guide are based on the content of Help, My Wife is a Survivor of Sexual Abuse. I hope they help to facilitate further personal and marital growth and health.

Book Summary

The statistics are staggering: at least one-in-four women have been sexually abused by the time they reach age 18. The long-term effects of the trauma from sexual abuse are immeasurable. They include shame, panic attacks, depression, suicidal ideation, aversion to or perversion of sexual intimacy, somatic disturbances, and much more.

Help! My Wife is a Survivor of Sexual Abuse is written to husbands of childhood sexual abuse survivors. The book answers 10 recurring questions asked by husbands of survivors. I have identified these questions through doctoral research, ministry to husbands, and personal experience. The author addresses each question with the introduction of a new chapter.

Maintaining a conversational tone, Bill guides the reader by exploring new perspectives and establishing new patterns for personal development and for responding to their spouse. These perspectives and patterns are based on research, years of interaction with husbands of survivors, and a blend of clinical accuracy, personal experience, and a distinctly Christian perspective. Though the book addresses husbands of survivors, wives who are survivors of abuse will note that they too wrestle with many of the same questions. For this reason, survivors will glean new insights from this book.

To purchase your copy of Help, My Wife Is A Survivor of Sexual Abuse please email bill@marriagereconstructionministries.org