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How to Resolve Shame

Though every survivor of childhood sexual abuse has their own unique story, shame is a common long-term effect for all survivors. Shame is a disconnect from others and self that can be common to all but especially imposed upon survivors of sexual abuse and their spouses. It rises out of a sense that something is wrong with me. Responses to shame include withdrawal, attacking self, attacking others, and avoidance. None of these responses serve to resolve shame.

In this nine-minute video, I share my personal application of four connections necessary for resolving shame as identified by licensed psychologist, Dr. Daniel Green in his work Connection and Healing. I invite you to listen. I believe my vulnerability as I draw from my journey will offer you guidance, hope, and resolve as you continue in your journey.

2 Responses on “How to Resolve Shame

  1. Thank you for your ministry! I appreciate this video “Resolving Shame” and will share it with my clients, and encourage use of your additional resources.

    Are there resources for marriages in which the husband experienced CSA?

    1. Margaret, thank you for your comment and your interest. Cecil Murphey has written the book, When a Man You Love was Abused: A Woman’s Guide to Helping Him Overcome Childhood Sexual Molestation. It is written from a Christian perspective and is published by Kregel. In addition to the blogs on our website for Marriage Reconstruction Ministries, please also note the book I have written, Help, My Wife is a Survivor of Sexual Abuse: Answers to Your Most Important Questions.

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