...helping men and women rebuild marriages affected by a wife's childhood sexual abuse.

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Marriage Reconstruction Ministries Bio

Marriage Reconstruction Ministries was founded by Bill and Pamela Ronzheimer. After serving at Alliance Bible Church in Mequon, WI for 39 years, the couple has transitioned to Minnesota. It is here that they launched Marriage Reconstruction Ministries Inc. Marriage Reconstruction exists to support and help men and women rebuild marriages affected by a wife’s childhood sexual abuse. After 40 years of marriage, the Ronzheimers have two married daughters and three grandchildren also living in Minnesota. Bill and Pamela have listed their personal bios below.

Bill Ronzheimer, Ph.D

Bill is a researcher in the fields of sexual abuse and marriage, and a former pastor who has served both healthy and hurting families for over 40 years. He is also the husband of a childhood sexual abuse survivor. His doctoral dissertation was titled Husbands Speak: The Perceived Impact of a Wife’s Childhood Sexual Abuse on a Marriage Relationship. Bill has been published by Leadership Journal Online and cited in The Huffington Post. He is passionate about helping couples find healing despite a wife’s childhood sexual abuse and has spoken to men and women around the country about childhood sexual abuse and its impact on marriage.

Pamela Ronzheimer

Pamela is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Due to her trauma, Pamela was not able to disclose her abuse until ten years into her marriage with Bill. Her journey toward healing has included professional counseling, multiple hospitalizations, and God’s powerful hand of mercy. Pamela has been able to share her story of healing at women’s conferences in both the United States and Europe.