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Childhood sexual abuse: Do you have a “go to” truth in troubling seasons?

Husbands of wives who have experienced childhood sexual abuse can be haunted and taunted by the effects that directly affect their wives!

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Fitting childhood sexual abuse into a biblical worldview

Last week, I once again compiled a list of the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Each time I make a list, I am reminded of how broad sweeping and deeply troubling are the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Don’t just read the following list. Take time to consider the traumatic impact of childhood sexual abuse. […]

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Is the content of your message congruent with your intent?

In communicating with our wives, if we are not conscious of our motive, we will not be clear in our message. Let’s say that for date night with my wife I say, “Honey, let’s just order out Chinese and have a nice, quiet evening at home.” My message is disguising my motivation because the fuller […]

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